GoodCause FAQs

Sept 5 – Lots of new pages laid out. Did I mention our first issue would be digital? We’ll send an e-mail to everyone letting them know when it will be available as a downloadable PDF.

So is this a monthly?
We had hoped to make it monthly right from the start, but lacking the budget of a big publishing house, we’re aiming for a few issues this year. Also, we’re first going to distribute this as a digital magazine, meaning we’ll send out an announcement e-mail that contains a link where people can download a PDF of the magazine. You’ll be able to read it on-screen and interact with the content – meaning the ads and copy will be clickable, taking you right to a Web site. These days lots of people are launching new magazines this way; it’s cost-effective, reportable and easier to distribute. See more about digital magazines and advertising opporutnities here.

Who is the audience?
We’re directing all our content to the volunteers and donors – and we believe everyone in Austin is a volunteer and donor to some degree. For those new to Austin and/or new to charity, we want to help you connect and get involved with a charity that aligns with your beliefs. And for those who have been volunteering with and donating to local charities for years, we want to help you connect with others like you to help you accomplish more of your goals. And, of course, there’s everyone in between.

So is GoodCause a nonprofit?
GoodCause will be a for-profit magazine. We hope to engage local advertisers who will support the magazine and help it grow. We also think that if the magazine were a nonprofit, we’d lose the outsider’s perspective and voice that will make the magazine useful for its intended audience.

The reality is that hundreds of magazines are launched every year in this country, and only a few survive. Even if it’s as good as we hope it can be, it will take a long time for us to break even on this project, so right now the whole idea of “profit” seems like a moot point. We’re not doing this to get rich; we’re doing this to make as good a magazine as we can. (We’re starting to sound pretty naïve, huh?)

How can I help?
Glad you asked!

  • Anyone can help by visiting the blog and spreading the word. (You’re doing that now – thanks!)
  • If you are involved in a nonprofit or an organization related to nonprofits (the city, a foundation, a church, etc), you can help by sending us news and information about your organization.
  • If you are an experienced or aspiring writer or photographer, you can help by pitching stories and/or yourself for hire. Please make sure to send some clips and any background information that might prompt us to give you a call back. I love that we get so many offers to write/shoot, but we can only put so much content in the magazine!
  • If you own a business and you want to get in front of a growing audience of Austinites who are becoming more engaged in our community through service and philanthropy, you can help by contacting us about advertising in the magazine.
  • If you are a volunteer and/or donor, and you think you have a story you’d like to share, you can contact us with that story idea.
  • If you want to help support us financially, first I’d suggest you make a large donation to a local charity. Then if you still have money left over, we’d be happy to take your email.

Feel free to send me any more questions. Here’s how to contact us.

Thanks for your interest and support.


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