United Way Capital Area cuts jobs but will fulfill grant commitments

Acknowledging the current “economic downturn” and “economic uncertainty,” United Way Capital Area just announced that it has laid off seven full-time employees but will maintain its funding commitments to the community programs slotted for the 2008-2009 fiscal year

According to David Balch, UWCA president, “We are tightening our budget belt on the operations side to avoid impacting our agency grant commitments.”

It’s sad to think that seven people had to lose their jobs in order for UWCA to keep its $3.9 million promise to the programs it funds. But if I undertand UWCA’s revenue stream right, it doesn’t first raise the money then give it to the agencies that run the community programs. Rather, it asks agencies to complete grant applications for their programs, chooses those programs that meet its grant criteria, and promises a certain amount of funding for those programs. Then UWCA sets out to raise that money. 

So if UWCA doesn’t raise the money… something’s gotta give.


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