Take school clothes to Manos TODAY!

This from the Las Comadres listserv: Folks, these kids need your help.

WHAT THEY NEED: Shorts, pants, shirts, shoes, T-shirts, (new or gently used) and school supplies

FOR WHOM: Kids 4 to 13 years old

WHERE: Manos de Cristo, 4911  Harmon Avenue, 78751 (near IH-35 and 51st street)

BY WHEN: NOW. LIKE, THIS WEEK. Handing out clothes this week and next week, through August 16

BEST TIMES TO TAKE DONATIONS: Between 1 pm and 5 pm during the week through August 15.

Subject: Gently Used Kids Clothes DESPERATELY Needed for Back to  School Drive 
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 09:51:14 -0500  
From: rrosales@swkey.org      

Hello Everyone,     

I stopped by the Manos de Cristo offices this morning, and it was a very sad situation. Hundreds of parents, along with their very small children, had been lined up at the Manos de Cristo sight since 4:00 am – that’s right, 4:00 in the MORNING. And all in the hopes of getting used clothing for  their children for back to school.

I was told that 250 families had to be turned away this morning because the line had already exceeded  capacity – and this was only the FIRST DAY of the clothing drive.  (NOTE: Manos can only take 100 families a day. Those other families were told to return the next day.)

So if you have any gently used clothing that you would like to donate to this very worthwhile cause, please let me know. And please feel free to forward this email and my contact information on to family or  friends that you think might have clothing donations. I will gladly accept  any donations here at the SWK (Southwest Key) corporate office. I can also pick up any donations after work hours (during the work week) or this weekend.  

Donations can also be dropped off at the Manos de Cristo offices at  4911  Harmon Avenue, 78751 (near IH-35 and 51st street).  

Unfortunately – we are pressed for time. The clothing drive is THIS WEEK 08/05 – 08/09 and NEXT WEEK 08/12 – 08/16. So the sooner I can get any clothing donations to Manos de Cristo, the better.     



One Response

  1. Hi Monica,

    thanks for highlighting this back to school drive. We also covered it in our August newsletter and our Young Leader Society group is volunteering there on Aug 16 between 8am -12noon to help out, if any one else out there wants to pitch in too please come along and join them!!

    John Turner
    United Way Capital Area

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