Shop Macy’s and Give! (them more money)

An ad in the Statesman on Sunday:

Yucky Macy's shop for a cause ad

Yucky Macy's shop for a cause ad

Kinda made me feel yucky. Why? It says they did this last year and raised almost $10 million for charity. That’s good, right?

Macy’s has an ad in the paper every day. Wait. That’s an understatement. Macy’s co-owns the Statesman with Dillard’s. They runs ads listing their shopping “events” and huge closeouts and best prices of the season, sometimes all at the same time. I’m kind of a shopper. It can’t be all that good.

So usually I look at their ads and just roll my eyes. But I read this one, of course, and it made me wonder: Am I meant to mark my calendar? That’s way after back-to-school season, by the way. Are they trying to sucker me back in while my bank card is still warm?

Yeah, here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to support a nonprofit by going shopping at Macy’s on September 20. I’ll spend $49.50 on a bunch of Clinique stuff I don’t need just to get the gift-with-purchase, and some of that money will also go to a bunch of nonprofits, some of which I recognize.


Or I give $50 to Latinitas or Hospice Austin or Manos de Cristo, and I won’t have to deal with makeup or any other Macy’s junk I don’t want.

Look, it’s not even like I’m supporting a local shop. This is Macy’s, after all. They own a parade. If they’re so big-hearted, why don’t they just donate the money themselves instead of making a shopping event out of it. Oh, so I can feel good about buying Liz Claiborne? No thanks.


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