Click here to help Midwest flood victims

Salvation Army affected by Midwest Floods of 2008

I’m reading about how the floods in the Midwest may effect meat prices – corn and soybeans grown there are grown to feed cattle. For some of you, the immediate thought is how that will affect people and nonprofits already on the edge of being able to afford meat at all. It’s the gas crisis on the table.

Maybe it’s just me, but since September 11, there seems to be one disaster after another, right up to the floods in the Midwest. It’s estimated that 35,000 people have been displaced and everyone in the area is dealing with toxic water teeming with raw sewage, farming chemicals, and whatever was in the toilets, basements, refrigerators and buildings across thousands of acres of the Midwest. Most of us can’t imagine what it’s like to be flooded out of our communities and homes, but we want to find an easy way to help.

(NOTE: I don’t think there’s any shame in looking for an easy way to help. In gift-giving it’s the thought that counts, but when you’re giving to people in need, just thinking about it isn’t enough. It’s the job of the nonprofits to make it easy for the rest of us to make a difference in someone’s life.)

Here are some organizations that are helping Midwest flood vicitms – and who accept donations online (how easy is that?):

American Red Cross: You can choose to give specifically to the disaster relief fund.

Adventist Community Services: This is the humanitarian-aid arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Click to donate and choose whether you want to give open-ended cash or cash for a specific need like clothes or water.

The Salvation Army: The organization is also helping in China and Myanmar now. Easy online form.

AmeriCares: An organization that helps worldwide. Has shipped more than 200,000 bottles of water to the Midwest so far. You can direct your donation so U.S. disaster relief specifically.

Consider, also, giving directly to the local chapters of some of these organizations. Look for them in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Missouri.




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