MAY 15: See Jane Give!

I can’t wait to attend the See Jane Give! event hosted by the I Live Here, I Give Here campaign. It’s the perfect entry point for budding women philanthropists, actually.

The event is a mix of presentation and personal story, which fits so well with the campaign’s mission and strategy. After all, we all know that research has shown that personal connections – actual people asking for your help – prompt and enable most people to give.

Evvie Nazro, the director of Public Strategies, which does PR for the campaign, says:

“The ‘See Jane Give’ event is bringing experienced philanthropists together with less experienced donors to impart wisdom and share best practices. Each guest will be seated at a table with a ‘Table Mentor’ who will guide the discussion and share her thoughts on how to be most effective at giving.  Mentors will discuss how they prioritized and built their own giving plans.”

You should see the list of mentors: Ada Anderson, Judy Trabulsi, Randa Safady, Kerry Tate and Sharon Watkins plus 10 other outstanding and successful community leaders.

Look for a presence from groups like Impact Austin, The Women’s Fund of Central Texas, and The Women’s Giving Network, too. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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