Study: Giving – not spending – leads to happiness


Happiest couple in Austin, the Butlers.

Proof that the Butlers are the happiest people in Austin… this article from Forbes.

Now, I’m always skeptical about new stories about scientific “studies.” There’s so much junk science out there that gets reported as truth…. But this study and its findings seemed harmless, and like most studies of its kind, mostly proved something we all kind of figured was true anyway.

“As researchers sifted through the numbers, they found that happiness didn’t correlate with personal spending but, rather, with how much they gave away.”

It didn’t seem to matter if people gave away $5 or $500, they tended to be happier than the folks who spent the money on themselves. So here’s the advice from Forbes, the magazine about wealth: Next time you’re feeling blue, give some money away.


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