My Olivia’s here!

As some of you may know (if you’ve seen me, it’s been pretty obvious), I had been expecting my second child around the end of Februrary – right around the time we wanted to have the first issue of GoodCause wrapped up. What was I thinking?

After a full day’s laboring on Monday, Olivia Renee Williams was born on Tuesday morning, February 26, a full eight pounds even. Breech as all get-out. Which explains why she could hold her head up at just four days old. (Not a medical opinion, just a mom’s.) The week before that I’d been in high-gear nesting, putting together my four-year-old’s birthday party (his birthday is February 25, a day before his sister’s!), and making peace with pink everything.

We’ll settle into a routine soon, I think, but for now the magazine and the blog are on hold for a bit. We’ll be back to making progress toward the first issue as soon as I convince Olivia to sleep more than three hours in a row. Okay, sooner than that.

Thanks for your emails and good wishes!


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  1. I hope you’ve talked to her about the importance of deadlines.

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